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Her eyes flew all over Carrie's exquisite form, her firm, nicely shaped, bare breasts, her flat stomach, nicely toned skin, freshly shaved pussy. Milf prison porn. And, in what seemed like days but were only seconds, Carrie, encouraged by something she couldn't quite explain, leaned toward Kelly, their faces alarmingly close to each other.

Upload successful User avatar uploaded successfuly and waiting for moderation. King of queens carrie naked. Her reward was a shot of precum, almost a teaspoons worth, blasted intho her moutgh splashing against her tongue.

Spence did as he was ordered, without even removing his cock he sat up, shoving his dick deeply into Carries pussy eliciting a long drawn out moan from her, forcing her body into a deep shudder. His fingers pumping into her ass, her orgasm seemed to last for hours. Carrie thought about their situation for a few moments. Adult Store Movies Webcams.

Garbbing her tanned ass cheeks he pulled out and shoved back in, his sudden thrust making the tanned Bronx Beauty whimper in pleasure. I hope you don't mind. Her prefference for huge dicks was almost legendary amongst her friends in highschool, even before then in the seventh grade she'd experimented with the biggest dick she'd ever seen until now, it was attatched to her neighbors' great dane, infact it's one of the reasons she still got such a thrill from being taken doggy style.

Spence began to speed up, slamming his dick into the domineering bitch harder and faster, slipping a hand beneath her he began playing with her clit, gripping the nub between his thumb and forefinger he began pinching and pulling on it gently. Anal milf russian. Although they were both well spent by then, it broke their hearts to part eventually, and even more knowing that the pool will be gone. Kelly shivered at the description. In the next moment, their lips met, warmth rushing up their faces as a sudden rush of pleasure and warmth spread through their chest, warm water and the relaxation that they felt only increasing all the new feelings that took them over.

Kelly gasped, forming a smile. She felt a jolt going down to her kitty as she felt her fingers pressing against Carrie's entrance. Two women, still kissing in a post orgasmic daze, made their way out of the water on the towel sprawled across the ground as they continued kissing in preparation for the next round, their bikini tops off. Carrie slowly got in the pool, enjoying in the first rush of warmth and wetness that took over her body, gasping due to a pleasure. His swollen phallus jutted up in the air, thick and pulsing with hot blood.

Because when I come back here I have a feeling I'm going to be 'just' as turned on, baby and you better be ready because I'm going to fuck you like you've never been fucked Carrie's hands slid up her body, tweaking her nipple throught he pink tank top she wore, gripping them between her thumb and forefinger she twisted and shoved back harder, sliding half way down the length of his engorged member, feeling the viens throb inside of her as she stopped for a moment to get accustomed to the sheer girth.

Reaching down between their two bodies Carrie pushed her black lace panties aside and guided Spence's throbbing cock into her almost steamingly hot, drooling pussy and shoved back, popping the head of his huge prick into her snatch.

Kings and Queens Ch. He was finally out and odds are nothing short of an explosion under his pillow could truly drag him from his sleep. Kelly let out a whisper as her body felt numb at the sudden rush of intense pleasure, pre cum rolling down to her thighs and her clit swelling at the friction. And, what felt like oscilating waves of pleasure working on her from toe to back, Carrie came, moaning against Kelly's lips as she cummed on her fingers, her clit throbbing as her thighs felt numb.

When they both felt ready and felt that the other one is ready too, Carrie made her way on top of Kelly, slowly, carefully, savoring every touch, every smell as she shivered in preparation. Forced lesbian ass licking. Spence felt the surge in his dick and grabbed the back of Carries head, feeling her sweat matted hair beneath his fingers he let loose blast after blast of cum, filling Carries mouth once, twice, three times.

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God I want him to plow me.

Their lips eventually met again, their kisses all the more passionate and delightful due to Kelly's vulgar act, warm water relaxing their muscles and adding to their pleasure in a weird yet delightful way. It was only after she saw who was standing in front of the pool that she recognized the familiar voice.

It was coming from her office. Big tits pussy sex. Adult Store Movies Webcams. Kelly closed her eyes and spread her arms, her lips pouted as her body felt flushed with warmth. King of queens carrie naked. Post comment as click to select: Image of naked Carrie on top of her, smiling down on her lustfully, made Kelly ache, drops of hot sweat rolling down her breasts and belly. You load some porno shit on MY computer!?

Carrie's hand drifted down to her now soaked panties and slipped beneathe the waistband, just as he fingers grazed her clit she nearly exploded.

Even her husband, Doug had thought this from time to time and he was one of the kindest people in New York. After she made sure that nobody was around, Carrie took the robe off and sighed, shivering at the feeling of cool air pressing against her skin, standing in front of that magnificent device with nothing than her blue bikini on.

Carrie nodded her head and smiled, Kelly's sigh making her shiver in a weird yet pleasant way. Pulling his cock out so only the head rested in Carries soaked vagina he stopped. Each time she swallowed and kept sucking harder. Naked indian aunties pics. Login or Sign Up. Upload successful User avatar uploaded successfuly and waiting for moderation. When she reached the knob of his prick she teased the bottom of his glans with the tip of her tongue. She felt her muscles relaxing the moment she was in the water, warm shivers ripping through her body as a single drop of hot sweat rolled down the back of her neck.

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Kelly started kissing Carrie's neck and cheeks as she slid two fingers inside of her, feeling heat spreading through an area between her legs and down her thighs upon feeling warmth and wetness of Carrie's walls against her trembling fingers. Garbbing her tanned ass cheeks he pulled out and shoved back in, his sudden thrust making the tanned Bronx Beauty whimper in pleasure. Carrie continued with the rubbing, both she and Kelly feeling the pleasure and arousal increasing with every second.

Carrie thought about their situation for a few moments. Transexual escort reading. Glancing to her left she saw her husband sleeping soundly, his snores telling her that he was as deep asleep as he'd ever been. What they felt was strange: Carrie then leaned in even closer and pressed her pussy against Kelly's. She was dying for something between her legs and her pocket rocket would in no way sate her pussy's hunger for somethign huge and hard filling it. Their second simultaneous orgasm was longer and even more intense, as a pool of cum creamed their pussies and thighs.

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