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Personally, I don't feel that Keisha is scared of any of them, I feel she's just afraid of how mad she will get and what she would do.

Because end the end they are all just you and me Tami and Evelyn are bullies. Forced female nude. You have no right. Evelyn nude pics. I am proud of you for speaking up for yourself and you did the right thing always, walking away in Tahiti and staying away from Tami. I believe Tami would have done it, but I guess the producers knew the show couldn't survive if anyone got killed.

If anyone recalls, at the start of the show, Jen was the only real and true basketball wife. Although I didn't like Jen's stank attitude and how she threw away her friendship with Evelyn over jealousy and how she treated Nia; it was made worse when Shaunie suggest that the Jen drop the lawsuit because it was frivolous.

Jen I love your honesty. There seems to be a lot of tension with Gloria and the other "wives" because she doesn't think her relationship is like any of yours. Shaunie you need a new group of friends before you be in the foodstamp line with tami.

Have Jennifer and Evelyn been talking since the reunion?. And as for Shaunie, the new adult and mature you, please explain why you still mistreat Royce. As a woman of color and high position of authority in male dominatefd field, I admire shauni and ladies of BBW.

Said party is also accused of harassing Lozada and leaking nude photos of her on the Internet. Horny hairy milf. Evelyn should be ashamed to tell about what happened with Jennifer in Vegas.

They were strong and fearless as we all should be. Only to be loved one moment and then judged and ridiculed in the end. Jen was irritating, but I said from the start that she was jealous of Chad and Evelyn.

Kenya cut out the two faced crap and stop taking off your shoes to fight. I've been waiting to see if this reunion show would have some truths. But Ev cant throw a bottle for being called "loose"?? Well, well now because they have had so much back lash in regards to their behavior now they want to act cival because now they are being called out, a little to late for the change of heart, if no one ever pushed the envolope on their behavior they would still be ignorant woman of color who would continue with this ugly behavior, and Shaunie to act like OMG this behavior of these women is making me ill get real you are the BIGGEST BULLY of all get out and call the police you are as FAKE as that awful makeup and hair and wardrobe, you look like someones Grandma.

Evelyn nude pics

However the women were and whatever they did. Yolanda Sangweni May, 13, So, I just watched the reunion show I think Royce was just tired of all the drama. Is that what all this mess is about? I'm very happy about the outcome of the show.

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If I were jen I would never be friends with you ever again.

I love God but Goons you two are and I guarentee if Lala Ali was one of those housewives you two would be the most humble on the show.

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Notify me of new comments via email. Let's face it some of them will do well some won't. Naked attraction trailer. Get every story in your inbox! You make all woman of color look bad and TAMMI you are a joke because as soon as this reunion show is over and the cameras are off you will still be the same old bitch in the foodstamp line and being just as ignorant as you have ever been, get real, and EVELYN you want everyone to feel sorry for you so you can get you show on back in the lineup, you not fooling anyone, but yourself so you talk about being real be real, you are a BULLY and that part of you will never change.

Speaking for myself I know I did everything that was expected of me: I see Suzie grows balls around everyone else, but when Evelyn was punking her behind last season, she didn't have anything to say.

Its those behaviors that make the non-fighters look classy. You are a disgrace to the race!! I have not heard anything Jennifer has said about you to make you upset With this reunion, the women actaully looked back and the show and was actually ashamed at what they did Evelyn throwing the bottle, Tami acting crazy on Keisha, Jen and Evelyns fight, and Shauni letting this show get to this point and they actually admitted to their wrong and actually apologized for their wrong doing which was kind of a shocker but I love the fact that theyre trying to grow and develop.

The only thing she said the first time her and Jen talked about was that Jen said that her and Evelyn didn't date the same kind of men. Evelyn nude pics. Tami Tami Tami Tami Tami and Evelyn are bullies. Seems like you want people to believe all you all do is sit and sip tea and be 'graceful' and 'ladylike'.

Thats why you are bullies. In my heart I know Antoine loved me to death but he strayed when he was on the road because it was easy and convenient. Those nude photos of you are pretty racy. You are commenting using your WordPress. Vip escorts tijuana. I commend Evelyn, Tami, and Shaunie for admitting their faults, but so did Jen on the reunion.

If you know so much, then why don't you identify yourself? If anyone recalls, at the start of the show, Jen was the only real and true basketball wife. Susie plays both sides of the fence.

Your just not on tv. And so are you. I am proud of Royce for finally stepping up on last season and letting them know that they could not bully her. But the tv show is only entertainment to me!

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